Located around 30 minutes from Silavadee Pool Spa Resort, Silavadee Farm offers the chance to experience a unique world of local plants, flowers, vegetables, fruits such as melon and animals such as chickens, ducks and goats. You can enjoy the discovery and refreshments here.

Silavadee recently expanded its very own farm. Not only are flowers like Orchids regrown that are used in guest rooms for decoration but also trees which are planted around the resort.

In addition now vegetables and herbs, beans, tomatoes, pumpkin, salads and many more are also to be found at the Silavadee Farm, to be used in the restaurant and employee canteen.

Silavadee Farm also takes a further step in the integration with the idea of “circular economy” and it becomes the latest sustainable initiative in our missions to minimize the resort’s environmental footprint. The food wastes from the hotel have been converted into fertilizers for the garden and trees, leading to the reduction of carbon footprint, reuse and recycling of the resources.

In 2012, we achieved the Certificate of Participation of Green Partner.

In 2020, we achieved Gold Certificate from Green Hotel Awards.

We are proud of our commitment to grow our business in a sustainable way that delivers long-term value for our guests, employees and our community, and we’re passionate about using the impact of hospitality to be a force for good.