Our Resort was built with nature in mind and incorporates nature in all aspects since the opening in 2008. We aim to inspire our associates, guests and business partners to reduce, reuse and recycle and respect our nature and our wonderful surroundings.

  • Reducing the use of hazardous substances
  • Waste management
  • Managing energy consumption
  • Conserving water
  • Installing energy lighting throughout the hotel
  • Recycling stations, separating trash from plastic and paper
  • Recycling computer hardware including, monitors, hard drives, keyboards, printers and batteries
  • Recycling trash from guest rooms and other public areas of the hotel
  • Using locally grown products
  • Recycling paper, aluminum, glass, toner cartridges and other consumable products
  • Recycling organic kitchen waste and composting it into soil
  • Growing our own products
  • Saving endangered animals like the Green Sea turtle
  • Target to be Single use plastic free by end of 2019
  • Plastic Straw free since December 2018

Silavadee organizes its own annual turtle release which is part of the engagement in the local environmental conservation as Silavadee’s beach is the natural breeding ground for an endangered turtle species.

The story began on the 13th April 2012, when one of recreation employees discovered what looked like turtle tracks on the beach. Investigating, he came to the end of the tracks and discovered that a turtle had came and laid some eggs. The General Manager was notified and coordinated with the Fisheries Department of Surat Thani province. They urgently visited the beach and collected 87 eggs to incubate at Samui Aquarium.

Following these several finds, the Marine and Coastal Resources Research Center (MCRRC) was informed and came to inspect the beach. With estimated calculations they were able to roughly advise when the next nesting should be. On 26th May a team from Silavadee and MCRRC camped out on the beach and were able to witness a mummy Hawksbill turtle slowly make her way up the beach search for a good location, carefully dig a hole and lay 147 golfball sized eggs.

Due to the natural life cycle of sea turtles they only nest every second year and normally at the same beach. Therefore Silavadee is looking forward to the turtles coming back to nest on the secret beach again.