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Why book your room directly online?

  • Exclusive Deals Exclusive Deals
  • No Booking Fees No Booking Fees
  • Instant Confirmation Instant Confirmation


Behind the “Back to nature” concept, Silavadee Pool Spa Resort is continually developing new environmental initiatives and procedures to minimize the ecological impact.

Committed to reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint, Silavadee has set up a Green Team to implement various guidelines. The We [C] are project is one of the latest initiatives and stands for: Caring for the local community, caring for our guests and associates and being responsible which includes:

Energy-saving, waste water management, wellbeing practices and circular economy practice with our own garden usage, plastic-use reduction and achieving new goals to reduce the environmental impact, all combined with our promise to deliver award-winning hospitality on Samui Island.


Silavadee Pool Spa Resort Koh Samui is aware of the need to promote environmental sustainability and has developed its policy to protect, conserve and promote the natural environment.

Guests’ Opportunity to Contribute

Partner with us to help save the earth. Guests can do their bit by reusing bed linen and towels to save water, energy, labor and chemical use in washing cycles

Our Commitment


  • Electrical system in guest rooms controlled by keycard
  • Engineering clean air supply ducts and return grill at least every 6 months
  • Refrigerators in guest rooms set to an optimum temperature
  • Installation of voltage regulator and demand controller for saving energy
  • Target setting for reducing electricity expenditure
  • Timer set-up for lighting and other electrical systems in certain areas
  • All lighting lowered during the night and during daylight hours
  • Monthly cleaning of lighting system
  • Lights and fridges in all guest rooms that have no guests to be turned off
  • Service time of some service sections, such as laundry, swimming pool, etc managed and re-scheduled to reduce consumption
  • Energy-saving measures implemented for the back of the house areas


  • Water turned off and jacuzzi switched off when not in use
  • Reduction of water consumption for cleaning bathrooms and other areas
  • Regular review of leak checking procedure
  • Use of water-saving system at faucet in guest rooms and public areas
  • Dishwashers run with full loads only
  • Employees to avoid leaving water tap running, while washing food
  • Installation of additional water and electrical meters, for consumption measurement by section (e.g. laundry water meter)
  • Daily record of water consumption (daily controls)
  • Selection of garden plants with moderate water needs
  • Gardens are watered in the mornings and evenings only to prevent unnecessary evaporation at the hottest times of day

Environmental Quality

  • Hotel built with many open-air areas (corridors, lobby, dining area) reduces need for air-con and provides fresh air flow with more green areas
  • Control system for chemical use
  • Use of eco-friendly cleaning products and eco-friendly chemical products only (certified)
  • Use of washing-up liquid, floor cleaners and fertilizers made from natural, biodegradable ingredients
  • Use of fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers with no chemical substances
  • No chemical substances used for cultivation of trees and flowers on the property
  • Separating and selling bottles, paper, cardboard and vegetable oil to recycling companies
  • Re-use of flowers wherever possible
  • All paper systematically reused and recycled
  • Aluminum, plastic and cardboard are recycled
  • Buying and providing products and services, which have a minimal impact on environment – purchasing local and seasonal products to reduce transportation requirements and its impact on the environment
  • Use of paper or natural products for decoration
  • Request for cooperation from supplier to use other types of containers instead of plastic bags, or re-use plastic bags and avoid foam containers
  • Creating activities and encouraging the community, guests and employees to help preserve and protect the environment
  • Annual donation of food and gifts to underprivileged children on hotel anniversaries and other occasions
  • Weekly cleaning day
  • Blood donation
  • Support of events of other community/aid driven organizations
  • Regular cleaning of beaches or roads in front of the property
  • Employees use recycled paper and envelops
  • Employees use energy saving Lamps
  • Employees to optimize the use of computers and emails to reduce paper use
  • Actively supporting all green programs and setting a good example
  • Employees avoid printing and copying
  • Employees encouraged to keep all windows and doors closed when air-conditioners are operating
  • Employees to turn off air-conditioning, lights and equipment, when they are not in the office
  • Computer screens turned off after work and during lunchtime
  • Employees are trained for energy awareness (e.g. switching off lights/computers, water consumption, air-conditioners, appliances etc.)
  • A training program in place to educate employees about environmentally friendly projects
  • Information for employees to help promote awareness and implementation of energy- saving and environmental responsibility