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Why book your room directly online?

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Behind the “Back to nature” concept, Silavadee Pool Spa Resort is continually developing new environmental initiatives and procedures to minimize the ecological impact.

Committed to reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint, Silavadee has set up a Green Team to implement various guidelines. The We [C] are project is one of the latest initiatives and stands for: Caring for the local community, caring for our guests and associates and being responsible which includes:

Energy-saving, waste water management, wellbeing practices and circular economy practice with our own garden usage, plastic-use reduction and achieving new goals to reduce the environmental impact, all combined with our promise to deliver award-winning hospitality on Samui Island.

Save The World Climate and Sea Turtles

Our Resort was built with nature in mind and incorporates nature in all aspects since the opening in 2008. We aim to inspire our associates, guests and business partners to reduce, reuse and recycle and respect our nature and our wonderful surroundings.

Please  for a list of initiatives that Silavadee implemented:

  • Reducing the use of hazardous substances
  • Waste management
  • Managing energy consumption
  • Conserving water
  • Installing energy lighting throughout the hotel
  • Recycling stations, separating trash from plastic and paper
  • Recycling computer hardware including, monitors, hard drives, keyboards, printers and batteries
  • Recycling trash from guest rooms and other public areas of the hotel
  • Using locally grown products
  • Recycling paper, aluminum, glass, toner cartridges and other consumable products
  • Recycling organic kitchen waste and composting it into soil
  • Growing our own products
  • Saving endangered animals like the Green Sea turtle
  • Target to be Single use plastic free by end of 2019
  • Plastic Straw free since December 2018

Sea Turtles

Silavadee organizes its own annual turtle release which is part of the engagement in the local environmental conservation as Silavadee’s beach is the natural breeding ground for an endangered turtle species. 

The story began on the 13th April 2012, when one of recreation employees discovered what looked like turtle tracks on the beach. Investigating, he came to the end of the tracks and discovered that a turtle had came and laid some eggs. The General Manager was notified and coordinated with the Fisheries Department of Surat Thani province. They urgently visited the beach and collected 87 eggs to incubate at Samui Aquarium.

Following these several finds, the Marine and Coastal Resources Research Center (MCRRC) was informed and came to inspect the beach. With estimated calculations they were able to roughly advise when the next nesting should be. On 26th May a team from Silavadee and MCRRC camped out on the beach and were able to witness a mummy Hawksbill turtle slowly make her way up the beach search for a good location, carefully dig a hole and lay 147 golfball sized eggs.

Due to the natural life cycle of sea turtles they only nest every second year and normally at the same beach. Therefore Silavadee is looking forward to the turtles coming back to nest on the secret beach again.


Every year 1.8 trillion tons of plastic flow into the world’s ocean. Silavadee was one of the first resorts on Samui to eliminate plastic straws.


Silavadee’s WE [C] ARE mission stands for caring about the environment we live in.  

“We Care” about our nature, our employees and our local surroundings.

“We Are” considerate about our actions and our business as a Thai owned resort. We:

C – Consider alternatives that are less harmful
A – Appreciate our environment
R – Respect nature and the animals surrounding our resort
E – Encourage supplier and employees to follow us on a greener Journey.

Join us in CARING about our beautiful nature to maintain this harmony with our environment for generations to come.

Silavadee has developed our own green policy to protect, conserve and promote the natural environment.


One of Silavadee core values is the support and engagement with the local community. Silavadee supports artisanal cooperatives, education and local job creation. 

Silavadee supports the local community by purchasing as many local goods as possible. The signature turndown amenity for example is made by several individual local, small businesses.

Silavadee also supports a school here in Lamai where young kids with special needs are educated. Several CSR activities with a Special Needs school in Bangrak are conducted every year.

Silavadee embraces the charm, skills and knowledge of Samui’s local community and employs as many local, skilled team members as possible.

A three month internship in Service, Kitchen and Housekeeping for young students in cooperation with the BBVC (Bhavana Bodhigun Vocational College) which provides professional trai


Located around 30 minutes from Silavadee Pool Spa Resort, Silavadee Farm offers the chance to experience a unique world of local plants, flowers, vegetables, fruits such as melon and animals such as chickens, ducks and goats. You can enjoy the discovery and refreshments here.

Silavadee recently expanded its very own farm. Not only are flowers like Orchids regrown that are used in guest rooms for decoration but also trees which are planted around the resort.

In addition now vegetables and herbs, beans, tomatoes, pumpkin, salads and many more are also to be found at the Silavadee Farm, to be used in the restaurant and employee canteen. 

Silavadee Farm also takes a further step in the integration with the idea of “circular economy” and it becomes the latest sustainable initiative in our missions to minimize the resort’s environmental footprint. The food wastes from the hotel have been converted into fertilizers for the garden and trees, leading to the reduction of carbon footprint, reuse and recycling of the resources.

In 2012, we achieved the Certificate of Participation of Green Partner.

In 2020, we achieved Gold Certificate from Green Hotel Awards. 

We are proud of our commitment to grow our business in a sustainable way that delivers long-term value for our guests, employees and our community, and we’re passionate about using the impact of hospitality to be a force for good.