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12 Years of Silavadee Spirit

12 Years of Silavadee Spirit

Today, 1st May 2020, marks the 12th anniversary of Silavadee Pool Spa Resort’s hospitality journey. Our resort was built with nature at heart since the opening in 2008. Two of our core values are environmental sustainability and local community support which guided us in developing and accomplishing a healthier living for our communities and the world we live in.

Unlike in previous anniversary years, this year is more challenging for all of us due to the unexpected global situation caused by the novel coronavirus pandemic or widely known as Covid-19. This pandemic has a great impact to all of us. However amid the crisis, we all have to support each other and we see many good deeds of support happening all over the world. And supporting our community is now even more important than ever.

Silavadee’s WE [C] ARE mission stands for caring about our nature, our employees and our local surroundings and it also stands for “We Are” considerate about our actions and our business as a Thai owned resort. With this mission we can do well for our guests, our employees and our local community. For our guests, we developed new services and trainings to ensure a carefree and safe stay by focusing on hygiene, health and safety. For our employees, we developed training modules to cope with these upcoming “new normal” circumstances. For the local community we continue our support and donated necessities to the local hospitals and its medical teams as well as we donate free meals cooked by our culinary team to the people in need of help.

On the occasion of the 12th anniversary, we would like to encourage and invite all of you to participate along Silavadee’s core value and start with us together. Every individual person can make a difference, and we all together can make a change.

12 Years of Silavadee Spirit

Let’s start to create a stronger community together. You can be a part of this change with our campaign: “Small acts of kindness”. We believe that your ideas and acts of support can make a big impact for others. We invite you to explore more details on our campaign at

Warm wishes to all valued guests,
Silavadee Pool Spa Resort

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